“Eccentric billionaire” Richard Branson revealed secrets made $8 billion company : All ideas are recorded on small notebook

The little notebook is an indivisible object of billionaire Richard Branson. Whatever the idea big or small, write it down right away. You will never know what happens next.


Everybody has 24 hours a day, but it seems that the most successful people can handle a huge amount of work than many others.


Billionaire Richard Branson has built a multi-field company worth more than $ 8 billion since 1970. Famed for being a bizarre billionaire, since the founding of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson has come up with a lot of crazy ideas and also very impressive.

Running the world’s largest corporation, the 66-year-old billionaire has always been able to keep up with his time. He has published six books, founded a not-for-profit organization and still has time for personal interests such as surfing, playing tennis regularly.

His work plan to perfect everything is simple: “I make a list of things that need to be very long and in turn accomplish them.” From the list of people who need to relate to upcoming plans, ideas, companies coming soon, Richard shares his personal blog.

“Every day I work on this list. By marking each task, my ideas are shaped and further perfected.”

Richard Branson enjoyed handwriting. He always carries a small notebook so he can write ideas anywhere. Billionaire chronicles every small daily task, from distant ideas to immediate goals, including goals in personal and professional life.

“The first thing that I always carry with me when I’m away is my handbook, and I will never be able to build a strong Virgin Group without it. If you only think without writing, only the next day, the idea will disappear forever. Record every idea you have, big or small. You will never know what will happen next.”

According to the boss of Virgin, some of the most successful companies he founded were based on the simple, small ideas he wrote in his notebook. There was a time when he did not carry a notebook, he wrote his idea on the passport.

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