The 4 most famous and richest bloggers in technology world

You will be surprised to know who is the founder of your favorite technology websites. Becoming a blogger, especially in the tech world, requires not only talent and knowledge but also a bit of business thinking and luck. The technology bloggers below are truly successful by bringing together all these elements, creating their own mark and income that we admire.

Ewdison Then – “SlashGear”

Ewdison Then is the co-founder and main editor of this technology and consumer electronics news website. Keeping up-to-date on the latest technology and applications, with relevant comments and useful tips, Then has become one of the most successful blogs on the WordPress platform. The success of SlashGear brought Ewdison Then about $ 60,000 to $ 80,000 a month.

Collis Ta’eed – “TutsPlus”

TutsPlus is the place to provide video tutorials, lessons and a variety of learning tools for application software and a myriad of design tools. People who follow this site can learn everything from simple things like downloading a photo to a complicated one like designing a software application. Thanks to TutsPlus, Collis Ta’eed earns $ 55,000 – $ 120,000 a month.

Vitaly Friedman – “SmashingMagazine”

He is the founder of SmashingMagazine, a blog dedicated to website designers, updates to the latest in web design news as well as tutorials, tips and high quality tutorials. SmashingMagazine gives Friedman $ 150,000 – $ 190,000 a month.

Pete Cashmore – “Mashable”

Pete Cashmore is the founder of the famous website, which has received the largest independent website award in the world. Mashable is now the most influential source of information and the most read website in the digital economy, social media and technology. Pete Cashmore started building Mashable when he was just 19 years old and now he is the youngest, highest paid blogger in the world with $560,000 – $600,000 a month.

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